Non-Pull Dog Harness

The Sporn or The Company of Animals Non-Pull Dog Harness Review



The non-pull dog harness is a dog accessory that certainly needs to be considered. As a dog owner, I am sure you will agree that our loyal companions bring us enjoyment, happiness and endless love.

There is however a few issues associated with keeping dogs that can cause headaches, but with good training and the right equipment you can overcome them.

You can teach an old dog new tricks as they never stop learning and nor do we. 


1)      Pulling on the lead

2)      Uncontrollable barking

3)      Aggressive nature to other dogs and people

4)      Chewing items they shouldn’t

5)      Reliving themselves wherever they see fit

6)      Jumping up

7)      Running off

8)      Not coming when called

9)      Stealing food

10)   Obsessing about toys


DOG HARNESSWe have been pretty fortunate with our dog Riley, he is pretty obedient and by nature is not an aggressive or a barking breed. He is however totally obsessed with balls and toys, and is driven by praise and games as opposed to food, which means evenings of him continuously bringing toys to you to play with.

We have however had real problems with him pulling on the lead as he is always keen to go somewhere, preferably at top speed. 

The pulling on the lead by any dog is hugely stressful both mentally and physically for the pet and the handler. A dog pulling uncontrollably can also put itself and the owner in danger, as they can be unpredictable, for instance pulling across a busy street of traffic. 

Riley is pretty light for a medium sized dog, around 18kg. I could not imagine trying to struggle with a larger breed on a long walk with it constantly pulling. 

Walking our dog on the lead quickly became a chore, for example in and around town, crossing the road and when around a lot of people at shopping centres or supermarkets. For the majority of his walks he is off lead, I began to dread having to put him back on it. 

We needed a solution. 

A friend mentioned to my partner you can get harnesses for dogs, I had heard of them being used in vehicles as restraints, but never for walking your dog. Having read some brief reviews we took the plunge and purchased the medium sized sporn dog harness from Amazon. It was getting so bad that dog training sessions were a disaster as they are conducted with dogs on leads, at all times. 


FITTING THE HARNESSThe dog harness fits quickly and easily over your dogs head with the leg loops and chest webbing fitting snuggly around your dog’s body, with a decent amount of padding and protection.

The adjustable restraint on the top pulls the harness snug.

You simply clip your normal lead on to it when fully adjusted. 

We allowed Riley to wonder around the house a little to get used to the feel of it. He found opening the package was more fun than actually adorning his new training aid. 

The dog harness is so easy to adjust and comfortable for the dog to wear; at first glance there’s not much to it actually and I must admit I had my reservations, however these were quickly dissolved once we set out on a walk. 

Usually we would have to check Riley back into heel on regular occasions by gently jerking the lead upwards to break his momentum, otherwise if left to his own devices he will pull far ahead. 

With the dog harness fitted, we checked him twice and he walked beautifully at heel for the duration of the walk.


This is certainly open to debate, I would suggest the dog harness cradles more or the dogs frame giving you a lot more dominance and control over the standard loop collar around their necks. Whatever the magic maybe, the results are truly outstanding; we were amazed and obviously delighted. (See video below)






     This dog harness stops pulling instantly, without fail!

     Quick and easy to fit and remove

     Light weight and comfortable


     No mental or physical stress 



cross      Would suggest removing it before letting your dog run

      Only available in one colour 



For such a simple design I cannot compliment the effectiveness enough. Our dog stopped pulling only after being checked twice and walked beautifully at heel afterwards. The dog harness is easy to fit, remove, adjust and use; a truly essential piece of dog training equipment. 

Training Tip: I would suggest that after continued usage of the non-pull dog harness your dog will adapt to the new more controlled walking style, so much so that with time you could revert back to a collar for walking and your dog won’t pull. 

Happy dog walking.